• Suzanna Blana is a very low budget film. During its production I covered all crew positions by myself. Thus, the space borders and the additional limits in camera movements, set the “mise en scene” and “camera work” choices, defined the style, but also stressed the central theme of the film.
  • All the Voice messages on Facebook messenger from Avgoustina in the film are real, apart from the last one, which was created to support the script. Avgoustina sent all the rest messages to me, at different periods, but they were incorporated to the plot magically!
  • Τhe audition that Avgoustina describes to Suzanna during the bathroom scene, really happened. We have both attended this audition a few months ago.
  • The dialogue between Suzanna and her mother is also real. I recorded one of my mother’s phone calls, in which she keeps repeating the same words –including some variations of my dog’s name Milia (apple tree)– just like she does almost every time she calls me and the dog stands next to me!
  • Milia is a Kokoni Greek breed. It is said that it is an ancient Greek breed. It is even rumored that Argos, Odysseus’ dog, was Kokoni.
  • BB-8 is a remote control toy. In the scene where BB-8 makes his entrance in the living room, the handheld control is hidden in my hands behind the sofa.
  • The monologue that Suzanna performs in front of the mirror in her bathroom, is formed by selected answers that the character Gloria, an actress who suffers from tuberculosis, gives to her mother in Tennessee Williams’ one act play “At Liberty” (1941).

. . .